About Us

Our Company started with a vision... As a sub-contractor, waiting for all the pieces to fall in place so we could perform our work on a particular project. Delay after delay, excuse after excuse, we became frustrated and decided we could streamline the process by managing the outcome from start-to-finish. All centered around sound control and communication procedures. As a result, we are able to hand over a completed project to the client without all the hassles and delays, and subsequently, becoming more productive in our own business model. The success of a company is determined by the team members involved. The success of a project is determined by those companies.

Ken Shriberg, Founder

About NHRC

NHRC has provided quality Owner's Rep., Project Management, Construction and Renovation services, FF&E, and Install on a nationwide scale for some of the best known and most respected hotel, motel, resort, healthcare offices, retail, Condo/Homeowners Associations and other multi-unit facilities in the world. Although our specialty is large 300 + room hotel and resort projects, we have also excelled in implementing the same strategic operations in all marketplaces and endeavors we accomplish. NHRC strives to differentiate itself through its talented management and trades people, ability to pay close attention to detail, the necessity for quick turnaround time, and our competitive pricing through our strategic alignment.

NHRC Enterprises has many associated companies that meet most needs of commercial property owners to include: construction, FF&E, Real Estate Brokerage, Business Consulting, and Mystery Guest Program. To learn more about NHRC’s associated companies, go to the Associate Companies’ Page.