NHRC - Hotel and Resort Facility Services

NHRC offers hotel owners and operators a broad range of Owner Representation/Project Management and Turn-Key hotel renovation solutions. We have over 30 years of construction experience and vast working knowledge of hotel and resort reflagging and upflagging. We specialize in hotel property improvement plans(PIP) requirements, hotel upgrades, hotel remodels, and hotel brand conversions. We have completedan array of hotel and resort projects from boutique properties to complete conversions for the largest hotel brands in the U.S. and the Caribbean Islands, ranging from as small as 80 rooms to as large as 1,000 rooms. Some of our projects include properties in Aruba and the Bahamas.

NHRC provides services for all construction project management, interior, purchasing,specify/layout for hotel remodels, reflags and upflags.Our sister capacity, Global Construction & Development Corp. (GCDC), is a Florida Licensed General Contracting firm and we have license capacity in most other states and Caribbean Islands.

NHRC Provides Owner’s Representation / Project Management Services that:

  • Prepare the design development process to ensure project scope is achieved
  • Budget the overall project (including FF&E and other non-design/construction related costs)
  • Manage the bidding process
  • Assist with jurisdictional reviews and project related mitigation issues
  • Complete project close-out and occupancy
  • Handle move management and relocation

NHRC Provides Turn-Key Solutions for All of YourHotel and Resort Remodel Needs:

  • We first consult with you to consider yourproperty remodel needs.We assist all types of hotel owners and operators, whether you are a private independent hotelier and you want to stay competitive through new upgrades and an enhanced image, or you are a franchisee and you must makerenovations to your property to retain the flag. In addition, if you are considering reflagging, we can help you competitively shop franchisors to one that best suits your needs.
  • Through creative value engineering,we take the guess work out of your project costs and project timeline aligning both to work for your needs. We negotiate the best materials, labor, and FF&E factories for the most reasonable price.
  • We mediate on your behalf with your franchisor to determinethe firm and flexible modifications needed. We look at all aspects of your remodel to consider what items are necessary for you to maintain your flag and what items are complimentary.
  • We manage your project schedule from start to finish. We create a comprehensive project schedule to ensure there are limited delays, and no surprise added costs.

Why choose NHRC?

  • Custom Turn-Key solutions simplifying the entire process. One Stop Shopping!
  • Resort and Hotel remodel specialists; 30 years of construction
  • Specialize in hotel property improvement plans and hotel flag requirements
  • Associate construction company provides all in-house trades staff to better control quality, efficiency, project costs and project schedule
  • Associate FF&E and furniture companies provide products directly from Asia, passing savings on to you
  • License and permit capacities in most of the U.S. and Caribbean Islands
  • State-of-the art communications and operations systems
  • Rapid-response mobilization, fast-track schedule, and extensive project specialists

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